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Storing your Computer and Electronic Equipment

We all rely extensively on computers, laptops, and other electronic devices in the modern era. We frequently update our laptops, phones, and other electronic devices due to the quick improvements.

How do we dispose of our “old” technological devices, then? Do we discard them? Or do we keep them because they make us feel nostalgic? Should we save these for our future employees if they are office supplies?

Here is some helpful storage advice for your electronic devices if you consider doing so.

All of your data in a Backup

You should always back up your data on a separate hard drive for easy access before storing your equipment because you never know when you’ll need it.

Ensure your saved data is kept on the PS Cloud server if you’re storing your PlayStation 3 or 4. By purchasing a PS Plus subscription, you can access the PS Cloud!

Keep your electrical devices clean.

Cleaning your electronic devices before storing them will prolong their lifespan. Use a compressed air duster to eliminate the accumulated dust in difficult-to-reach places.

Take out any batteries or CDs from your electronic devices.
Forgetting this critical step is a frequent error most individuals make when keeping their outdated electrical equipment. Batteries and CDs may sustain damage over time. A damaged battery could leak acid and harm your equipment, although a damaged CD might not be a huge deal.

Your Electronic Devices with a seal

If left unattended, all electronic equipment is incredibly susceptible to dust. Consider using plastic and bubble wrap to seal your electronic devices. This will shield your electrical appliances from dust and spare you from having to perform extensive maintenance when you take them back out to use them.

Put the original packaging to use.

The finest boxes for storage are the ones that come with the devices because they are created specifically for that item. Additionally, keeping them in their original box will provide them with the most protection!

Keep in mind to securely bundle any wires or attachments after detaching them before putting them in the box.

Keep in a tidy, dry location.

Electronics are susceptible to environmental factors. For this reason, you should always keep your electronics gear in a tidy, dry storage area. In the long run, this would successfully conserve them. Why only store with Extra Space Asia if you have a suitable storage location?

Our well-maintained storage facilities offer a wide choice of storage capacities that may be rented for as little as 14 days or as long as you need.