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As we move towards the next industrial revolution, Supercard NDS provides industry-leading solutions for everything from Industry 4.0 to robustly engineered connectivity for advanced robotics.

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Building the future with electronics

Build innovative, high-quality and efficient end products using our technologies.


We offer a wide range of semiconductor products and design knowledge that help our partners build their ecosystem.

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Wholesale electronics

Wholesale electronic stores are wholesalers, and exporters of consumer electronic products.

Finding Electronics

One is to build your own system from individual components, or buy an in-box system.

Electronics Shopping

Online shopping is one of the best conveniences of the Internet.

Reference Design Center

Different types of printed circuit board design data for end product developers. Now go drive!


Simulation data for testing during the development of the printed circuit boards for finished products. Now go drive!
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A rental service that satisfied you


Learn all about semiconductors through our online course.

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